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The OmniTerm® Family of Thin Clients encompasses a variety of IP based devices starting with OmniTerm/Text, an IP based green screen type of terminal, up to the top of the art XPe based OmniTerm/X500 powerful and customizable Thin Client unit.

OmniTerm/Text is particularly well tailored for those organizations migrating from SNA based legacy 3270 and 5250 display stations and printers to modern TCP/IP based network while minimizing the impact the transition on their users' productivity. OmniTerm/Text maintains the familiar "green screen" type environment in all 5250, 3270 and ASCII worlds while adding a POP3 mail client and an IBM style 122-key keyboard for increased productivity.

Besides of OmniTerm/Text, the NLynx Family of OmniTerm® offers a large choice of advanced products specifically tailored to best fit the particular needs of Enterprises of all sizes.

Structured around three hardware platforms: 160 Serie, 180 Serie and 500 Serie the NLynx OmniTerm® Thin Clients are available with a choice of operating systems: Linux, Windows CE Version 5 and Windows XPe. All include the latest ICA and RDP clients for seamless connection to Windows based servers, as well as the TermPro emulation suite to access Midrange, Mainframe and UNIX/Linux hosts. In addition, they are all equipped with Internet Explorer (Windows based OmniTerm®) or Firefox (Linux based OmniTerm®).

Additionally, to maximize the productivity, ORCA™, our open standards based SNMP centralized administration software is a unique tool which allows the network Administrator to remotely control, shadow and administrate all the OmniTerm® Thin Clients installed on the network. Simple to install and easy to use, ORCA™ comes with an asset management tool.

An overview of our documents of Omniterm®:

  • OmniTerm® Thin Clients with ORCA - Centralized Administration - Easy Management - Remote Control
  • 160 Series - Windows CE.NET - OmniTerm/W160 - Low cost, High performance - Windows Based Thin Client
  • 500 Series - Windows CE.NET - OmniTerm/W500 - Windows Based Thin Client - An Enterprise Solution
  • 180 Series - Windows XPe - OmniTerm/X180 - Powerful, customizable - Windows Based Thin Client
  • 500 Series - Windows XPe - OmniTerm/X500 - Customizable and Versatile - Windows Based Thin Client